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Team Photo Squad details League Table Programme
28/08/1920Div 3SOUTHAMPTONH 1-1Gilbey12000
01/09/1920Div 3ReadingA 2-1Roe,Gilbey7000
04/09/1920Div 3SouthamptonA 0-314000
08/09/1920Div 3READINGH 1-0Gilbey7000
11/09/1920Div 3MERTHYR TOWNH 0-09500
15/09/1920Div 3PORTSMOUTHH 1-1Battiste5000
18/09/1920Div 3Merthyr TownA 1-6Thompson14000
25/09/1920Div 3Plymouth ArgyleA 1-3Hall16000
02/10/1920Div 3PLYMOUTH ARGYLEH 0-110000
09/10/1920Div 3Exeter CityA 1-2Wood10000
16/10/1920Div 3EXETER CITYH 2-1Battiste(2,1p)10000
23/10/1920Div 3MillwallA 0-420000
30/10/1920Div 3MILLWALLH 0-012000
06/11/1920Div 3Newport CountyA 0-18000
13/11/1920Div 3NEWPORT COUNTYH 1-4Needham8000
20/11/1920FACQ4MAIDSTONE UTDH 1-0Gilbey6725
27/11/1920Div 3PortsmouthA 2-2Gilbey,Robinson15000
04/12/1920FACQ5DULWICH HAMLETH 2-1Hall,Gilbey8000
11/12/1920Div 3Swindon TownA 1-1Gilbey9000
18/12/1920FACQ6Northampton TownA 1-3Hall10000
25/12/1920Div 3NORTHAMPTON TOWNH 2-5Gilbey,Hall8000
27/12/1920Div 3Northampton TownA 0-210000
28/12/1920Div 3Luton TownA 0-511000
01/01/1921Div 3WatfordA 1-3Roe6000
15/01/1921Div 3BRENTFORDH 1-3Hall8000
22/01/1921Div 3BrentfordA 3-3Needham(2),Wood(p)9000
29/01/1921Div 3BRISTOL ROVERSH 1-0Needham8000
05/02/1921Div 3Bristol RoversA 0-29000
12/02/1921Div 3NORWICH CITYH 0-07000
19/02/1921Div 3Norwich CityA 1-2Hall8000
26/02/1921Div 3CRYSTAL PALACEH 0-18000
05/03/1921Div 3Crystal PalaceA 1-4Hall10000
12/03/1921Div 3BRIGHTONH 1-0Waugh7000
16/03/1921Div 3WATFORDH 1-1Hall6000
19/03/1921Div 3BrightonA 0-19000
25/03/1921Div 3SOUTHEND UTDH 1-1Hall11000
26/03/1921Div 3Grimsby TownA 0-211000
28/03/1921Div 3Southend UtdA 0-110000
02/04/1921Div 3GRIMSBY TOWNH 2-1Waugh(p),Wood7000
09/04/1921Div 3Queens Park RangersA 1-0Wood10000
13/04/1921Div 3SWINDON TOWNH 1-1Wood8000
16/04/1921Div 3QUEENS PARK RANGERSH 1-2Hall8000
23/04/1921Div 3SwanseaA 0-213000
30/04/1921Div 3SWANSEAH 2-1Hall,Wood8000
07/05/1921Div 3LUTON TOWNH 0-06000